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Near, mid, and far infrared waves penetrate the skin, muscles, joints, and tissues to increase circulation, speed oxygen flow, and help rid the body of harmful toxins. Using our four person infrared sauna with colour light therapy helps to remove impurities from your cells, specifically the cells inside our fat where our body stores waste and harmful toxins such as cholesterol and heavy metals.


Increased circulation, detoxification and immune system boosting are all wonderful effects from infrared therapy. Research has shown that profuse sweating can reduce mercury levels in the body in addition to fighting infections, making our saunas the perfect lifestyle choice for those with a seafood heavy diet or if you’re fighting a cold.


Infrared therapy stimulates collagen production while healing your skin from the surface to deeper levels leading to long term skin benefits. The action of profusely sweating at a lower temperature means that your skin literally glows from the moment you leave us.


Our infrared saunas have been proven to release endorphins in your brain helping to lower cortisol levels. This leaves you feeling a “runners high” when you’re done giving you the same benefit as a workout without the hard work.


45 minute long infrared sauna sessions help your mind and muscles to relax in a substantial way helping you to have a better nights sleep and reset bad sleeping patterns.

Prices & Packages

Our four person infrared sauna with colour light therapy gives you the ultimate relaxing healing experience.



First time single person           $35


One session single person      $45

Ten sessions single person      $399


First time two person              $55


One session two person         $65

Ten sessions two person         $599

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1. Warm up the sauna. 

Unlike a traditional sauna, far Infrared heats the body directly, so the cabin air temperature is not as important as the type and quality of the Infrared received. The radiant heat emitted by the heaters will be absorbed by the moisture in your skin and drawn in deeper through conduction to the muscles inducing a deep heavy sweat. This is why it is important that the heaters are on for the entire session.


The sauna will be turned on for 10-15 minutes before your session at 100% Intensity to allow the heaters to come up to their optimum temperature. 

When you enter the sauna the temperature will be set to the maximum 65 degrees, this will ensure the heaters remain on for the entire session.

As your sauna session progresses you can adjust the settings & control the temperature as the need arises from inside the sauna. For example, if you are pouring with sweat at 50 degrees, maintain & hold that temperature in the sauna by adjusting the intensity to 75% or 50% so that the heaters continue to project radiant heat. 


A Lower Temperature is Best! 

In the book Beyond Antibiotics, Dr. Michael A. Schmidt explains the benefits of the slightly lower temperature of an infrared sauna like this: 

“Saunas are being used by some doctors to stimulate the release of toxins from the bodies of their patients. They have found that a lower temperature (41º-55ºC) sauna taken for a longer duration is most beneficial. These low temperatures stimulate a fat sweat, which eliminates toxins stored in fat, as opposed to the high temperature sauna, which encourages a water sweat.” 


2. If possible, take your sauna in the nude! 

If you can’t, then wear the absolute minimum of clothes that you can - not more than a bathing suit! You need to be able to wipe away those toxins as you sweat during the sauna. It will be difficult if you are wearing clothes. It is essential that you sit on the towels that are provided for the seat and your feet for hygienic purposes

4. Drink Water. 

Have a bottle of water before you enter the sauna and take plenty of water into the sauna with you, too. This is very important so as to avoid dehydration. The last thing you want to do is exit the sauna halfway through your session to replenish your water supply. 

5. Relax, listen to music, read a book 

This is your time and it’s a time to relax. Enjoy some colour light therapy or simply turn on the reading light or listen to your favourite music on the premium sound system. 

6. Take a Shower 

Now it’s time to wash away those nasty toxins.

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